Scholarship Training Series - A definitive guide to winning scholarships

Are you in high school? Have you heard about scholarships but don't know if or how you should apply?

This is a free guide written for you. Whether you have been working on your application for a year or you are just hearing about scholarships for the first time—we can help.

We interviewed students who have done it and won scholarships. The advice, stories and strategies they shared is written down here in this ebook and has already helped win over three hundred thousand dollars in scholarships.

So download the guide and take a read. It is free, not trying to sell you anything and simply meant to share, so enjoy it and pass it on.

In Grade 11?

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Pearson College is a school located in British Columbia that brings together one hundred students of exceptional promise and potential on full scholarship from around the world.

Apply now and attend the IB program for grade 12 and one more year.

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